Subwoolfer: Out in the open. What’s next?

Having remained anonymous since 2021, Zubwoolfer came out during a live performance on Norwegian TV.

By Michael Hartmann. February 11, 2023.

Subwoolfer is a pop duo formed in 2021. The two members, known as “Jim” and “Keith”, perform in black suits and wolf-head masks. Their identities were revealed as Ben Adams, lead singer in pop group a1, and Gaute Ormåsen, a Norwegian singer, during Melodi Grand Prix’s final in Norway.

In 2022, the duo represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest with their debut song Give That Wolf a Banana.

On Instagram, Adams wrote about the difficulties he faced trying to remain anonymous:

 … Then after writing that song, decided to get into a wolf costume and travel around Europe playing concerts to thousands of people, televised to hundreds of millions, whilst sneaking in and out of airports, hotels, studios and venues pretending it isn’t me.

Zubwoolfer fan? Here are some great videos:

The live performance in which Ben and Gaute revealed themselves:

Worst Kept Secret Official Music Video:

What’s next? Hold on. Here’s Ben:

-I am not doing it. I’m not singing a bloody song about a wolf or a banana or a grandma…

Check out the next chapter in the Zubwoolfer saga:

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