Zak Abel and Alan Walker team up for an unusual collaboration

What’s going on here?

By Michael Hartmann. July 22, 2023. Updated July 25, 2023.

Are Alan Walker and Zak Abel on the same stage? That kind of collaboration surprised me.

However, it worked perfectly. In their most recent video, Endless Summer, they use concert footage, behind-the-scenes shots, and…

…collages of printed photos…

… and a jet plane.

During the live concert scenes, Abel shows us another side of himself, this time as an EDM artist, in contrast to his image as a talented pop singer, granting us melodic songs like Unstable and Only When We’re Naked.

Take a moment to enjoy this refreshing collaboration between two amazing artists. It would be great to see more unexpected collaborations in the future. The world of music would surely be filled with even more surprises if it happened.

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