MTV has nominated “Simon’s Song” as “Best Music Moment”

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By Michael Hartmann. May 5, 2023.

(Photo via Instagram/youngroyals).

The MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment honors singers and groups for their quality songs. In Young Roayls, Swedish singer and actor Omar Rudberg perform Simon’s Song with Swedish lyrics. This nomination is a huge shout-out to him and the show.

Vote as soon as possible, the voting ends on Sunday 7 May. Head over to MTV’s Instagram account and use the story #MTVAwards.

Omar Josué Rudberg (born 12 November 1998) is a Venezuelan-Swedish singer and actor. He began his professional music career as a member of the Swedish boy band FO&O in 2013 before launching his solo career in 2018.

SWEDISH TALENT: Omar Rudberg’s talent for music and acting has made him a major star. (Photo via Instagram/youngroyals).

He is best known for his role in Young Royals, a TV show available on NETFLIX. The plot revolves primarily around the fictional prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Ryding), and his romance with fellow male student Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg).

This is Omar, performing Simon’s Song (Swedish lyrics) at QX Gay Gala in Sweden, earlier this spring:

I’m So Excited, is a song by the American pop group the Pointer Sisters. It was first released in 1982. Yes, that’s a million years ago!

The video below is also from the QX Gay Gala. Here’s Omar’s version:

Want more? No problem! New Song: Omar Rudberg – “She Fell In Love In The Summer”

FINAL CHAPTER: Is there a happy ending to Simon and Wilhelm’s love story? (Photo via Instagram/officialomar).
LEAVING SCHOOL: “Young Royals” will return for its third and final season. (Photo via Instagram/Young Royals).

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