WATCH: Bjørn Olav Edvardsen (Part 1): He shares about “Turn Off My Heart” and his collaboration with Christian Ingebrigtsen

After being removed by security guards, I managed to get an interview with Bjørn Olav Edvardsen. Where? At Oslo Central station – of all places!

By Michael Hartmann. January 26, 2023.

-You can’t film here. It’s illegal. Please leave!

This is what security guards said to me and Bjørn Olav Edvardsen at Oslo Central Station. We were there because Bjørn Olav, who participates in Melodi Grand Prix in Norway, was about to board a train.

It was the only chance I had to get an interview with the popular singer, so I left my apartment in a hurry, bringing with me a Canon camera, a tripod, and a microphone.

As we assembled my gear and prepared for the interview, security guards suddenly appeared.  We were told to leave.

We found another spot, but I couldn’t use my camera and tripod, so I had to use my iPhone for the interview with Bjørn Olav. Therefore, the sound is not the best, but at least I managed to record a conversation with the Norwegian singer.

In this video, Bjørn Olav speaks about his new song and video, Turn Off My Heart, his collaboration with singer/songwriter Christian Ingebrigtsen, and more:

Here’s Bjørn Olavs’s performance in the Norwegian semi-final…

…and his beautiful music video:

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