WATCH: Mark Read – The Updated Interview: “Same Old Brand New You”, “Where Were You” and “Smile Again”

Watch the complete interview with Mark Read. What inspired his songwriting?

By Michael Hartmann. January 13, 2022.

In addition to being a member of a1, Mark Read does a lot more. He made a rock version of Same Old Brand New You.

I spoke with Mark about Same Old Brand New You in a previously published interview. Here, I have included the second and final part of our conversation.

Mark made two songs that helped us through the pandemic. They were called Where Were You (When The World Stopped) and Smile Again. Find out what inspired him, and find all the videos below. Enjoy!

Same Old Brand New You:

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Where Were You (When The World Stopped):

Smile Again:

Want more? No problem, friends! Here are video interviews I did with Mark, Ben, and Christian, including links to their videos, songs, and much more. Enjoy!

WATCH: Mark Read, Ben Adams, and Christian Ingebrigtsen from a1.

UPDATE, January 27, 2023: Mark Read on Saturday Night With Hayley Palmer.

Watch this wonderful and fun-filled conversation between TV presenter Hayley Palmer and Mark Read!

It was recorded in April 2022. Mark talks about the rock version of Same Old Brand New You and his song Stop The Show. Enjoy!

PS: If you like celebrity interviews, talks about music, and a touch of glamour, Hayley Palmer is the right person! Her social media channels are a great place to start. Visit her on Instagram.

A MAN OF MANY TALENTS: Mark Read. (Photo via Instagram/markreadofficial).

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