WATCH: Mark Read, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigtsen from a1

Mark Read speaks about the new version of  “Same Old Brand New You”, Ben Adams talks about songwriting, and Christian Ingebrigtsen shares the secret behind “Wonder of the World”.

By Michael Hartmann. March 25, 2022. Updated April 3, 2022.

I spoke with Mark Read at Vulkan Arena in Oslo. He told me about the new version of Same Old Brand New You:

– I felt something in the lyrics of Same old brand new you that really resonated with me. All of a sudden I looked at that song in a completely different light. I feel that this rock style is hopefully a little more timeless, and hopefully, it will introduce a1’s music to a new audience.
The original song and video came out in 2000. The music video has over 12 million views on YouTube.
What inspired Mark to make a new version? Here’s what he told me:
Check out Mark’s new video:
Photo via Facebook.
Mark also made a behind-the-scenes video. It’s fun to see him working with his crew.
The generous Mark Read provides us with two behind-the-scenes videos. In this one, see how the boxing match was filmed! 

This is the original video from 2000:

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Ben Adams – a man of many talents. 

Photo via Facebook.

I talked to Ben about his projects besides a1:

Did you know that Ben Adams also plays classical music? One Beautiful Morning is an EP with four hauntingly beautiful pieces for piano. My favorite is Into This Air. Which one will be yours?

He also collaborates with other artists. Here and Now is a beautiful duet. He sings with British actress and singer Joanne Clifton.

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Ben wrote Titans, a pop song for the Norwegian songwriter contest Melodi Grand Prix. It was performed by Norwegian singer Vilde:

Here, she is on TV:

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One of my favorite Ben Adams videos is this one:

Together with Chris Wilkins, he wrote the 80s-inspired musical Eugenius. It premiered in 2016 at the London Palladium. Back in 2019, Adams told me how fun it was to enjoy the show together with the audience. -It’s nice to sit amongst all the people and enjoy it.

Listen to our conversation here:

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Christian Ingebrigtsen shares the secret behind “Wonder of the World”.

Photo via Facebook.

I spoke with Ingebrigtsen about his song Wonder of the World. What inspired him to write the song?

Here’s the spectacular performance on Norwegian TV:

Like I said in my conversation with Christian, Wonder of the World is on my personal top ten list of Christian’s best songs. Here’s the music video:

Another favorite song is a beautiful ballad called Someone to Live For. This song showcases Christian’s talent for songwriting.

Someone to Live For is part of Christian’s studio album Got to Be. You can listen to the song here:

And here is my review:

Album Review: Christian Ingebrigtsen – “Got to Be”

Would you like to see what Oslo looks like at night? In the music video for Break Me, you can see a beautiful woman in many locations in the Norwegian capital. She is actually drinking coffee at one of my favorite cafes, The Peloton Café.

See the video here:

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Come on, Batman! This is one of my favorite live performances: Take On Me from The Big Reunion Live Concert in 2014. It’s a1 at its best!

Update, April 8:

Mark Read has made a beautiful aCapella cover of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

Photo via Instagram.


Stay tuned for a new video interview with Mark Read. I talked with him about the beautiful songs he made during the pandemic; Where Were You (When The World Stopped) and Smile Again.

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