Talk Show: Euphoria out of South East London

“Closer” is the sonic equivalent of punching a hole in the wall. Are you ready?

By Michael Hartmann. September 23, 2023.

(Credit: Ashley Rommelrath)

Talk Show’s new single Closer is the first taste of their anticipated debut album, due out in 2024. The track’s intense, compelling energy provides the perfect showcase for the band’s creative evolution.

In the UK, they have gained a reputation as one of the most exciting young bands thanks to their intense live show. Their music is a blend of techno, electronic, industrial, and rock music.

From their Facebook page:

 We’re insanely proud of it and pretty certain you’ll like it as much as we do.

Talk Show: Harrison Swann (vox, guitar), George Sullivan (bass), Tom Holmes (guitar), and Chloe McGregor (drums). (Photo via Facebook).

Frontman Harrison Swann says: Utilizing the repetition on Closer allowed me to build a rhythm and raise the stakes and put new meaning into the line each time.

From Facebook:

It was an absolute sweatbox, seriously claustrophobic, and a f*ckin long day but honestly, I’m so so proud of what we created for this.

Closer is directed by Ashley Rommelrath. It was filmed on an industrial estate in South East London. Here it is:

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Feet won’t touch the ground from here to Heaven,Ear to ear,Big Heavy Leather.We paid in cash, we paid in fullI pray with my palms facing the sun.Feet won’t touch the ground from here to Heaven

Cold House:

All alone
All alone with normal secrets
Service with a smile
But they can’t see beneath it
In the mornin’
They’re callin’ for a louder crowd
In the mornin’
They’re callin’ for a louder crowd

Talk Show has spent the last couple of years touring across Europe, building an ever-growing fanbase, and playing festivals such as Rolling Stone Beach, Best Kept Secret, London Calling, The Great Escape, and Pitchfork Paris among many others.

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