Swedish dream-pop: Miles To Go.

Dreaming up a better world through song, Vivii offers a beautiful listening experience.

By Michael Hartmann. August 20, 2021.

Swedish pop group ViVii. (Photo: Alexander Antser).

Meet Anders Eckeborn, Caroline Jonsson and Emil Jonsson. They are Vivii, a band that plays wonderful and sometimes melancholic indie pop.

Their new song Miles To Go continues the band’s bold and uplifting aesthetic with a warm and breezy new groove.

Their new album is called Mondays.

The band: -Mondays have always left a bad taste in our mouth as we grew up. So by meeting up every Monday in our studio and making music we made that day the best day of the week, maybe trying to rewrite the past in a way. Entering the studio doors equals a safe zone, where everything feels possible and no rules have to be followed in any shape or form.

(Photo: Rikkard Häggbom).

Monday’s follows on from their heavily-praised 2019 self-titled debut, a record that went on to be streamed more than 16 million times.

Here’s the full album, including Miles To Go.