Summer music: Calum Foad – High.

Welcome to the 80s.

By Michael Hartmann. September 3, 2021.

Callum Foad. (Photo via Instagram).

Meet Calum Foad, a 25-year old synth-pop artist,  hailing from Reading. he has been singing and playing guitar since childhood. Calum grew into his teens listening to the guitar-driven sounds of Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Good Charlotte. Offset by his affinity for the nostalgic ethers of the 80s. The idiosyncratic, upbeat-yet-evocative pop sound is a testament to an artist comfortable in his own skin.

High was released this summer. The song embellishes his Pop culture charisma and musical identity. The track surfaces a blend of them feel-good summer beats, grasping at a sense of euphoria and excitement. Calum uses vintage synthesizer styles to create an elaborate listening experience.

This is High:

2017 saw the birth of his genre-mixing sound that resonated with an audience leading to his first appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. A year-long, national school tour ensued before his second single release Rollercoaster in 2018.

(Photo via Instagram).

2018 became a bit of a breakout year with support across all areas of the music industry. He was second to headline Reading Pride and his music featured alongside brands such as EE, New Look, and Legoland, amassing upwards of a million in-store plays to date and gaining endorsement from Sennheiser and Faith Guitars.

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