SoundCloud Secrets! “New Music 2022 playlist” is updated. Discover 50 great songs!

Updated: Here’s my New Music playlist for spring/summer 2022.  50 songs. Take a listen and find your favorites!

By Michael Hartmann. May 29, 2022. Updated June, 12.2022.

There is a world of music out there, and many songs are waiting for you on platforms other than Spotify and Apple Music.
Check out SoundCloud. This music streaming platform is extremely popular.
SoundCloud is where I find up-and-coming talent. Several major artists have profiles on the site, but there are many independent musicians you probably haven’t heard of. Currently, over 200 million tracks are made available to listeners in 190 countries.
I keep adding new songs weekly over at my profile, where you can find several other playlists with pop, rock, and rap music, as well as four episodes of “New Music Alert”. It’s a podcast where I introduce new artists.
The playlist below is updated with new songs today. I hope you enjoy it!