Album Review: Christian Ingebrigtsen – “Someone to live for”.

Listen to his first solo album in ten years. It will warm your heart.

By Michael Hartmann.
June 15, 2017. Updated March 2, 2019.


Someone to live for. Does it sound dramatic or romantic? It’s up to you. It’s also the title of Christian Ingebrigtsens second single from his upcoming album. And tonight, he invites you to a release concert outside Oslo.

Do you need a break from the music madness of today? Then Christians new album could be what your’e looking for. If you don’t already know about him, here’s an update: Christian in one of Norways most successful artists. And a little known fact:

When he studied in Kentucky, USA in 1995, the governor gave him the highest honour awarded by the state: the title “Kentucky Colonel”. Christian shares this title with such distinguished leaders as President Lyndon B. Johnson and Sir Winston Churchill – yes, you read it correctly.

…ten million albums…

Two years later, he was accepted to study at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, also known as the Paul McCartney fame-school. There, the pop group a1 was created, and the rest is – as they say – pop music history. And it goes like this:

As a member of a1, Christian achieved a Brit Award for “best newcomer” in 2001, two UK number ones and a total of ten UK top ten singles, selling over ten millions albums worldwide. Wow. I get exhausted just writing this.

Let me share something about Christian and his album. It’s called Got to be, and his songs will give you some peace of mind. Here are my two favourites:

…something beautiful happens…

Someone to live for is a well written pop ballad with a storyline that seems to be inspired by country music. When Christian sings “…carried by the friends that I hold dear” , I think of my friends and how important they are to me. When he sings “…when I see my baby is fine, and feel her tiny hands in mine”, something beautiful happens in my heart. Yes, I actually wrote that.

…saying their last goodbyes.

Break Me is a collage of bittersweet moments nicely put together. It’s easy to imagine this song being the love theme from a romantic movie. First, imagine your favourite movie stars saying their last goodbyes. Second, imagine them kissing each other with Break Me playing  in the background. Hans Zimmer would be proud. Where is the music video to this one? Hollywood, can you hear me?

…peace is easily found.

Music doesn’t have to be complicated, especially not the ballads coming from the musical mind of Christian Ingebrigtsen. When he sings about life, loss and people worth dying for, he will remind you of something that’s easily forgotten: Everything is changing and nothing lasts forever.

The lyric video for Break Me is filmed on locations in Oslo.

Consider taking a break from the hectic world around you. Christians collection of heartwarming songs is a place where peace is easily found.

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