Seven days of fame

Is Frederik Leopold the new Danish heartthrob?

By Michael Hartmann.
September 17, 2017.

Writing a piece about a young singer, it’s tempting to start with the words, “remember his name, he may be great tomorrow”. It’s not original. In the case of Frederik Leopold, however, words like that may be correct.

For now, Frederik Leopold may be regarded as a talented, young singer who seeks fame and stardom. Nothing wrong with that. But he needs talent and the will to work hard to reach a goal like that. So far, the talent is already there, judging from a video I discovered on YouTube yesterday.

...he could be great.

The young singer offers an acoustic version of 7 Days. Be among the first to see this performance. It’s talent, right? If you agree, I will use my opening words again; he could be great tomorrow.

Why? From what I’v heard so far, the Danish singer may have what it takes. Note to myself: If he uses his talent wisely, Frederik Leopold may become the future heartthrob of Danish pop. Agree?

First official video, The payback Song:

Connect with Frederik at Instagram and Facebook .

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