UPDATED: New EP from Swedish pop band KÅRP.

KÅRP is back with a new powerful collection of songs. 

By Michael Hartmann. February 12. 2022. Updated May 14, 2022.

(Photo: Karin Lychou).

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, the alluring music of KÅRP has been dubbed as “death disco”, with comparisons drawn to The Knife, Lykke Li, and Grimes.

Their first EP, KRIS, brings you right into the chaos and disorientation of the downfall. The world is burning, the police are shooting innocent people to death, and natural disasters and wars are forcing families to flee for their lives.

-We started working on this trilogy after the release of our debut album in 2019. At that time you could sense the downfall like darkness at the end of the tunnel. We soon realized that the apocalypse was already here, KÅRP says.

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This month, KÅRP is back with a new EP called Perfect Order. Good news if you like dreamy, electronic music. Enjoy!

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