Album Review: Ben Adams – “9 Months”.

Ben Adams unveils a new EP. It is hauntingly beautiful.

By Michael Hartmann. April 24, 2020

Music blogger Michael Hartmann.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]irst of all, it’s not often I have the pleasure of reviewing classical music. But how can I resist when Ben Adams shares an EP that shows a hidden part of his musical universe?

9 Months is a 7 track long collection of classical piano pieces. It is different from what we usually expect to hear from Ben Adams.

British-Norwegian pop group a1 catapulted Ben Adams into global stardom. It is easy to think that his musical journey is all about a1. But Ben Adams is a skilled singer, songwriter and producer. 9 Months proves it – in a brilliant way.

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First, a mystery. Why is the opening track called Ginto? This Instagram post may provide the answer. Ben posted it back in November when he visited Ginto Island with his girlfriend, Sara Skjoldnes. During a beautiful sunset, he brings a piano to the beach and plays a beautiful song for her. What a man!


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Here are my favourite tracks from 9 Months.

The Mannequin.

The first seconds reminded me about the opening theme in the 1999 movie The Cider House Rules. But The Mannequin quickly proved that it has a life of it’s own. Ben Adams creates music that is unique and special.



Bryant Park.

No, you are not listening to Claude Debussy. This is Ben Adams. Do I hear a chello? I’m not sure. But this extra instrument adds beauty to a well composed piece of music. We are in New York City, I believe. If Ben would give an outdoor concert in front of The New York Public Library, I would be present for sure. Imagine listening to calming music under a clear blu sky… in the city that never sleeps…



A World of Our Own.

This is a fine example of the musical beauty Ben Adams creates. He brings this song to life in a special way. It is beautifully arranged. A World of Our Own lifts me up, but in a calming way. I can’t find another way to describe it. It is truly beautiful.



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This is 9 Months. Enjoy.

It is always a pleasure to meet Ben. I love discussing music with him.

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