Music Video Review: My Reflection is close to perfect

EDM and romance. This video is excellent.

By Michael Hartmann.

October 19, 2017. 

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very once in a while, a video comes along that leaves me breathless. This video from Armada Music is called My Reflection. It features Andrew RayelEmma Hewitt, and two professional dancers. It’s close to perfect, and here’s why.

[dropcap]1 [/dropcap]The music. It’s nice to see Andrew Rayel in a minimalistic setting, far away from the crowds that usually surround him. The white backdrop makes sure we’re not distracted by unnecessary details. Our attention is on the music. This is a beautiful EDM.

In this video, Andrew is in charge, of course.  At the same time, he makes plenty of room for Emma Hewitt and the dancers. This particular brand of leadership is a powerful thing, especially in a creative production like this. Well done, Andrew!

[dropcap]2 [/dropcap]The singer. Australian-born songstress, Emma Hewitt, has a unique presence. Her distinctive style is perfect for this project. The music surrounding her is powerful, but Hewitt communicates this power in a way that’s deeply human. I can’t imagine anyone else appearing so vulnerable and strong at the same time.

The studio lighting and the white backdrop work well. The video is cleverly edited. By the way, who did the makeup and styling? It’s a job well done. Hewitt looks divine.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] The dancers. Their contribution is vital to the energy of this project. Their dancing is filled with emotions and drama. There is so much going on between them. And yet, there’s no sound.

My favorite part is at the 2.58 mark. The female dancer is on the ground, looking up. The male dancer leans over her (see the image below). He does it in a masculine and respectful manner. The chemistry between them is fragile and intense at the same time. Bringing this to life – in a matter of seconds – is impressive. It’s a privilege watching them together in this brief moment of intimacy.

My Reflection is a fairytale filled with romance and energy. The result? A video that’s stunningly beautiful.

Watch it here:

Meet the artists:

Andrew Rayel is a producer and DJ. His tracks are played by producers and DJs around the world, including Tiësto, W&W, Dash Berlin, Hardwell and others. Connect with Andrew: Instagram, Twitter .


Emma Hewitt is an Australian born songstress. She workes with some of the world’s most respected names in electronic dance music. She has a legion of passionate fans. Connect with Emma: Instagram, Twitter .