Pop Legends Unite For Wildlife

Pop legends come together for a touching tribute to Simon Cowell, the founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation.

By Michael Hartmann. April 28, 2023. Updated on April 29, 2023.

A supergroup of pop legends, from the eighties and nineties, including Mark Read of pop group A1,  have recorded a cover of The One and Only, the classic hit by Chesney Hawkes. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for Simon’s Last Wish.

In June, Simon Cowell, founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation and much-loved star of the TV show Wildlife SOS, received devastating news. He has been diagnosed with a terminal form of lung cancer.

Simon has dedicated his life to saving wild animals that couldn’t help themselves. Because of his compassion and dedication, hundreds of thousands have been given a second chance. Unfortunately, there will be no second chances for him.

 Here is a video showing Simon’s work:

In the music video, talented singers pay a touching, emotional, and yet inspiring tribute to Simon. There is a behind-the-scenes part in the video. It shows some of the creative processes in addition to focusing on the singers. At the end of the video, we get a few words from Simon himself.

Mark Read on Instagram:

Hi everyone , if you feel the same way about caring for animals as I do, I think you’ll appreciate and want to support the amazing work @wildlifeaid have been doing for decades now. You can show your support by streaming & sharing this great uplifting version of a classic. It was a privilege to be a part of it , check out the Wildlife Aid website for more details.

I am awestruck by the emotional impact this project is having. The singers did an excellent job!

Scroll down for the video. Enjoy!

Here it is:

To download the single and support the Wildlife Aid Foundation, please visit wildlifeaid.org.uk

… and visit them on social media:



Mark Read on Instagram.

Chesney Hawkes on Instagram.