Omar Rudberg: More than Young Royals

This Swedish talent is destined for greatness.

By Michael Hartmann. December 9, 2022. Updated December 9, 2022.

Omar Rudberg. (Photo via Facebook).

Planning to talk about music, romance, and talents? In that case, not talking about Omar Rudberg is impossible. The 24-year-old tactor has gained enormous success for his role as Simon Eriksson in NETFLIX’s drama series Young Royals.

YOUNG CELEBS: Together with Edvin Ryding (left), Omar Rudberg has achieved remarkable success as an actor.

Omar Rudberg was born in Venezuela in 1998 and moved to Sweden with his mother when he was six years old. As a member of FO&O, a Swedish boy band made up of Oscar Enestad, Felix Sandman, and Omar himself,  he gained recognition. Later, Rudberg began his career as a solo artist.

STRAIGHT FRIENDS: Omar Rudberg and co-star from Young Royals, Edvin Ryding, on the cover of Swedish gay magazine QX. (Photo via Instagram/officialomar).

Young Royals is a Swedish television series on Netflix. The plot revolves primarily around the fictional prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Ryding), and his romance with fellow male student Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg).

In season one, a beautiful love story begins at Hillerska Boarding School…

SCARY MOVIE: Simon places his hand on Willhelm’s knee. It’s Simon’s first sign of affection for his royal friend. (Photo via Facebook/Omar Rudberg).

This is Simons’s song from Young Royals, performed by Rudberg.

(Photo via Instagram/officialomar).

Omar Rudberg is so much more than an actor.

Below are some of his achievements so far. Judging by his popularity (he has 2 million followers on Instagram), there is much to look forward to. Rudberg’s journey will continue.

Moving Like That:

Todo De Ti (All That She Wants):

He has also released a 10-track long album with great pop songs:

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