Omar Rudberg Is Challenging The Beauty Industry: -Beauty And Makeup Does Not Have A Gender

By creating beauty products, Omar Rudberg challenges norms, breaks barriers, and inspires fans. 

By Michael Hartmann. June 14, 2024.

Omar Rudberg
Swedish actor and singer Omar Rudberg. (Photos via Intagram/omrbeauty).

Born in Venezuela, Omar Rudberg moved to Sweden as a child and began his music career shortly after. Throughout the years that followed, he worked with professional makeup artists and stylists worldwide – an experience that inspired him to explore a variety of self-expression techniques.

Then came OMR BEAUTY, founded by Omar in 2023. With the help from leading experts, including experienced perfumers, he now creates high-quality genderless products.

Here is the official campaign video for “DUO”, featuring Swedish actor Edvin Ryding:

Omar is known for his role as Simon Eriksson in the NETFLIX series, Young Royals. This summer, after wrapping up the series, he encouraged fans to express themselves however they want.

Growing up, Omar realized how easily he could lose himself to others. As soon as he was able to transition from pleasing others to being himself, he was able to truly flourish.

Below is Omar’s video about his creative journey into beauty. In addition to answering questions about products, he explains what beauty means to him.

-For me, beauty and make-up does not have a gender. I saw a gap in the beauty industry, and I wanted to create a brand that has inclusivity in mind.

Omar Rudberg Edvin Ryding
“DUO” is OMR BEAUTY’s second fragrance and a collaboration between Omar and his co- star from Young Royals, Edvin Ryding. (Photo via Instagram/omrbeauty).

This is how “DUO” looks like. Check out OMR Beauty on Instagram for more information (link below).

Omar Rudberg
(Photo via Instagram/omrbeauty).

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