Nirvana – A super dope video from Skepta

A man. A castle. A mysterious woman. Welcome home.

By Michael Hartmann. August 6, 2021.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]eet British rap star Skepta. His new project is a stunning and mysterious visual from a castle. Why is the song called Nirvana? Hard to say. It’s part of his new EP, All In. Take a look inside the castle. The doors are open. But don’t visit the basement…

Welcome to Nirvana…


Staircase beauty. Who is she?


She smiles. Why?


Can you solve the mystery? Here’s the full story:

This is All In: 

Skepta on stage:

(Photo via Facebook/Alter Ego Visuals).

More? OK!

This is Energy (Stay Far Away). 

-No sun, but I’m wearing shades. After all, I’m Skepta.

Even more? OK!  This is Wase.

-Look at me.

-Here’s looking at you…

Full story:

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