New video from Swedish singer Darin explores his dark side

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By Michael Hartmann. November 4, 2022.

Darin (full name Darin Zanyar) is one of Sweden’s biggest pop stars. His fame grew after he appeared on Idol in 2004. In six years, he released five studio albums.

In 2015, he began singing in Swedish. Today, we see him again as the pop artist we first encountered. His latest song is called Satisfaction. A few years ago, Darin came out as gay. In Satisfaction, the talented singer makes it clear that he no longer sings only for women.

Darin on Twitter two days ago:

Satisfaction is a song about embracing your sexuality and owning it and most importantly feeling free. My hope behind the song is that anyone who listens to it feels equally liberated. Can’t wait to share this with you on Friday!

Darin is not the first Swedish singer who has experimented with rough sex in a music video. Anton did it in 2017. His Devil video goes even further compared to Darin’s Satisfaction. Devil is filled with BDSM references, so Darin can go even further in his next video if he attempts to keep up with his fellow singer, Anton.

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