Omar Rudberg – “She Fell In Love In The Summer”

The sun is shining on his latest video.

By Michael Hartmann. April 29, 2023

Swedish actor/singer Omar Rudberg is back with another song and video. It’s called She Fell In Love In The Summer. Clearly, the lyrics are about a woman. When I saw the video, I had a brief moment of doubt. Is he straight?

Newsflash: He is.

I was reacting based on Rudberg’s success on Netflix’s Young Royals. In this show, his character, Simon Eriksson, falls in love with Sweden’s Prince Wilhelm.

This has made the young talent an icon for the gay crowd, helped further by his sexy appearance in most of his videos and public performances.

After all of that, his most recent song reminds me that he is straight. This is contrary to how we have been interpreting him for the last couple of years.

Rudberg continues to amaze me with his numerous talents, as I’ve stated previously. He has an incredible talent for singing and acting.

His most recent song is an emotional ballad. The video was shot in a sunlight-filled room. Why not? We need the warmth before we return to the grey sky over Hillerska Boarding School.

LGBTQ+ STORYLINE: Actors Omar Rudberg and Edvin Ryding play “Simon” and “Wilhelm” in Young Royals, a TV show available for streaming on NETFLIX. (Photo via Instagram/Edvin Ryding).

Netflix will premiere Young Royals’ third and final season later this year, according to reports. The gay storyline has taken the world by storm, and Simon will continue his affair with Wilhelm.

We love you, Omar. Keep up the good work!

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