Mark Read and Naomi Wilkinson unveil an acoustic and instrumental version of “Ray Of Sun”

With the addition of new versions, an already beautiful ballad just got even better.

By Michael Hartmann. November 21, 2022. Updated December 2, 2022.

For all you a1-fans out there, Mark Read is a well-known musician. A man of many talents, he has teamed up with TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson and created a beautiful ballad called Ray Of Sun. The song was inspired by a special and personal story.

When Naomi’s sister Anna, and dear friend Rachel, were diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt at a loss to know how to help. This inspired her to write the lyrics of Ray Of Sun.


My hope is that this song of support might bring comfort to anyone who is struggling to cope and needing to find that Ray of Sun.

“I am here for you, it’s overwhelming, what you’re going through”.

Ray Of Sun is a beautiful ballad created by two talented people. Mark presents the lyrics in an excellent way. He knows how to bring together words and music in a captivating manner…

Update: The original version of Mark and Naomi’s song premiered a week ago, but fans can enjoy the track again today in acoustic and instrumental versions.

Both versions are wonderful in their own way, just like the original. Thank you, Mark and Naomi, for sharing your beautiful music with us.

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