New Song: Louis Pax – Get You Off My Mind

You will have a delicious problem if you listen to this song. 

By Michael Hartmann. April 24, 2022.

Meet Swedish pop-rock band Louis Pax who just released their new single Get You Off My Mind. The song tells of a night of trying to escape the chains of day-to-day reality and those nagging anxious thoughts that can swarm the mind.

We all can relate to the appeal of an easy way out, to ignore reality and retreat into some kind of escapism for a moment. Simply to not deal with what’s going on.

Well, there are good ways and bad ways to do that.

One of the good ways is to throw on Get You Off My Mind and wait for the drums and bass to deliver you to the hook. You may not have solved your problems, but you will have a delicious new problem in that you won’t be able to get Get You Off My Mind off of your mind.

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