New song: Hanne Leland – If I Never See Your Face Again.

A beautiful song from a talented singer.

By Michael Hartmann. September 24, 2021.

Hanne Leland is a singer and songwriter in the electro-pop genre. She started writing country-pop music in Nashville and released her debut album Honest in 2014. She crossed over to electro-pop the following year and has released several singles since then. Her songs are deeply personal and many of us can relate to the words…

Her new song:

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Hanne about her song Weak For You:

-I wanted to capture the rush at the very beginning of a relationship. That feeling when you realize you’re falling for this person and you feel so unsure and vulnerable, but also ecstatic and brave at the same time. I’ve been there myself a few times, and I’m trying to explain through a song how I experience it.

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