New song: F/L/P and DAMOYEE -“Ride With Ya”

F/L/P releases a new electro-pop song with American artist DAMOYEE.

By Michael Hartmann. September 30, 2022.

F/L/P. (Photo via Facebook).

The F/L/P’s latest single Ride With Ya is a result of the online collaboration spanning across the Atlantic Ocean. The song was written and recorded together with American artist DAMOYEE over the course of the global lockdowns in anticipation of the world’s reopening.

The new single is influenced by 80-s synth-pop. A haunting melody goes hand in hand with vivid vocals, a drum- machine with shapeshifting rhythmic texture, and enveloping synth sweeps. The song culminates in a lush guitar solo, exactly as you would expect from the pre-grunge era hit.

This is Bite Back from 2020:

F/L/P confides, “I met Damoyee at Berklee College of Music. From our first meeting, I kept thinking about how inspiring it would be to team up with her. She is a super talented songwriter and a natural-born performer”.

“We finally got the opportunity to collab, though under the circumstances of the dreaded lockdown. We were separated by the six time zones between Oslo and Dallas. From the first session, it felt like we were in one room connected by the excitement of finding the right tones and words”.

F/L/P. (Photo via Facebook).

“Writing songs in Zoom sessions together with such the demanding perfectionist I am, requires not only outstanding musicality but also tremendous patience and physical stamina. She has it all! This is one partnership I am keen to strengthen and develop further”.

F/L/P (Boston, USA/Oslo, Norway) is known for his ability to collide the modern pop world with memorable musical trends from the past several decades.

This is Kiss That from 2021:

Born into a family of music aficionados, singer and songwriter F/L/P was exposed to a multitude of genres from a young age – everything from rock, classic, jazz, electronica, and hip-hop. The artist’s multi-cultural background infuses his music with unique vibrancy and a broad variety of styles.

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DAMOYEE is an award-winning, multi-hyphenate music artist (composer, musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist) from Dallas, Texas.

Here’s what she has to say about the creative process:

-The level of excitement I have to finally be able to share this song we made together is amazing. Collaborating virtually to make music has very unique challenges, but working with an artist like F/L/P who is as meticulous and detailed as I am was rewarding. His musicianship and songwriting are excellent and he has a stellar and incomparable voice. I hope our existing fans and new listeners enjoy this track as much as we did making it!

DAMOYEE. (Photo via Instagram).

This Booker T Washington Alumna is an adept multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, classically trained with an affinity for pop, jazz, folk, and R&B. Her most recent album The Whole Truth spawned the acclaimed single Independent which reached the top 10 in Europe and top 100 worldwide on the indie charts.

Known for her angelic vocals and ethereal harmonies, Damoyee has earned Best Vocalist recognition from DownBeat, Central Track, Dallas Observer, and Monterey Jazz Festival.

Listen to Independent here:

Here’s the new song from F/L/P and DAMOYEE.  Enjoy!

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