New Song: Bjørn Olav Edvardsen – “Home”

“Home” is intended to bring people a little homesickness toward the summer.

By Michael Hartmann. May 5, 2023.


(Photo by Marianne Hovden).

Bjorn Olav Edvardsen is back with a new song. He sings about a longing he has had for feeling at home somewhere. The sense of security he seeks is more important than a place.

This is Edvardsen’s second single after he debuted as an artist in last year’s Melodi Grand Prix with the song Turn Off My Heart.

(Photo: Marianne Hovden).

The guitar-based song is intended to bring people a little homesickness toward the summer.

Bjørn Olav: -I hope the song can give listeners a pleasant feeling when they hear it, and maybe take it with them into the late spring and summer evenings. I imagine a bonfire by the water’s edge, with good friends around, and Home on the Bluetooth speaker.

Here it is:

Bjørn Olav’s song Scream was recently included in the official soundtrack for Agency. It’s one of the hottest TV dramas in Korea. A finalist in the song contest Melodi Grand Prix, he was a songwriter on the 4th most streamed entry of all, Umami Tsunami’s K-pop song Geronimo.

The Cyprus Music Video Festival nominated Edvardsen for Best Male Vocalist in April, along with three other nominations for his performance in the music video Turn Off My Heart.

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