New rock music: Swirling Around The Everbloom Valley

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By Michael Hartmann. Photos by Thomas Moe Ellefsen. November 11, 2023.

Norwegian rock band Everbloom Valley returned to the stage this winter with an explosive album named after the band itself, Swirling Around the Everbloom Valley.

Lead singer Gert Aanje is a firm leader of his bandmates. He gives you everything you expect from a rock concert; an energetic delivery of the lyrics combined with sex appeal, charm, and dance moves that make the audience stare in awe.

Additionally, he delivers a presentation of the band’s songs that gives the audience the exciting feeling that Everbloom Valley can become something truly big if they so desire.

Their most recent album offers energetic and interesting songs. Some are more melodic than others, like Bridges Wide, which is not structured like most rock songs. A collage of powerful pieces makes it a captivating listening experience, and an even greater live experience.

Don’t miss the band’s live performance. The music appeals to rock lovers of all ages because the overall experience resembles The Beatles and other iconic bands from the past. However, the band blends in a contemporary twist that elevates the concerts to an exciting experience aimed at the younger fans of rock and roll.

Here is the new album:

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