New Video: Dua Lipa – “Love Again”.

Madonna did it. Jennifer Lopez did it. Cowboys and pop music never goes out of style.

By Michael Hartmann. June 11, 2021.

Madonna was a cowgirl. Therefore, it was good enough for Jennifer Lopez. Therefore it is good enough for Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa, born in London in 1995, is the eldest child of Kosovo Albanian parents. She signed with Warner in 2014 and released her debut album in 2017.

This week, she released her new video Love Again. Like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, she’s having a good time at the ranch. No wait, it’s a shopping mall. Or a conference center. I’m not sure. In any case, have a look.

All dressed up and nowhere to go…


-This is me on a fake horse. Do you like my hat?


When the horse is invisible…


Waiting for my dentist appointment like…


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But seriously #1: Doesn’t this remind you of Jennifer Lopez and Medicine from 2019? Have a look:


Watch it here:


But seriously #2: Doesn’t this remind you of Madonna and Music from 2009? 

Watch it here:


But seriously #3. No, wait. No more memories. This cowboy has to stop writing. See you at the ranch!

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