UPDATED STORY: New Music – Everbloom Valley, Alex Angelo, Bjørn Olav Edvardsen, Umami Tsunami, Omar Rudberg and Sam Smith

Some of these artists have brand-new songs, others have fresh versions of tunes we already know. Discover your favorite song!

By Michael Hartmann. January 27, 2023. Updated January 29, 2023.

1. Everblom Valley: The Initiative to Love (EP)

Everbloom Valley. (Photo via Facebook)

Norwegian rock band Everbloom Valley has a new EP out, The Initiative to Love. It’s a four-track rock explosion! If Everbloom valley comes to a venue near you, get your tickets!

What kind of band is Everbloom Valley? Instead of writing, I will let the lead singer in the band, Gert Aanje, give us the answer:

Here’s the new EP:

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You Want To Know (Live):


2. Alex Angelo: Checking In

Alex Angelo. (Photo via Instagram)

Alex Angelo is an American singer, songwriter, Dj, producer, and much more! He writes excellent pop songs and has done support gigs for major artists like Shawn Mendez and Lil Nas X. Today, he released a country song called Checking In.

This is My Way (2020). In this video, Alex shares some amazing dance moves…

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Featured artist: Alex Angelo

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3. Bjørn Olav Edvardsen: Turn Off My Heart – Instrumental version

Bjørn Olav Edvardsen (Photo via Facebook)

Bjørn Olav Edvardsen is a Norwegian singer who is known for his appearances in Norwegian Idol and The Voice. This year, he participated in Melodi Grand Prix with a beautiful song called Turn Off My Heart. 

And here is the instrumental version, released today:

The stunning live performance…

…and the beautiful music video:

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4. Umami Tsunami: Geronimo – new remixes

Umami Tsunami. (Photo via Instagram).

Meet Kyle Alessandro,  Kristian Haux, and Magnus Winjum, three super-talented singers and dancers. They made it to the Norwegian finals in Melodi Grand Prix with their explosive performance. If they win in January, they will represent Norway in May.

Here’s their performance on Norwegian TV:

Here are three super dope versions of the original song:

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5. Omar Rudberg: Call Me By Your Name

Omar Rudberg. (Photo via Facebook)

This song isn’t new, it was released at the end of last year. I’m including it because the Swedish singer/actor Omar Rudberg is “all over the place” these days. He is an actor in NEFLIX’s mega-hit show Young Royals and has a flourishing solo career as a singer.

It’s hard to keep up with Omar’s projects –  I mean that as a compliment. Before he drops a new song, let’s include this one.

Some say that Call Me By Your Name is a tribute to the movie with the same name. True or false, this song is a fine example of Rudberg’s musicality.

Todo De Ti (All That She Wants):

Did you know I’ve launched a new category on the blog dedicated to queer pop culture? Yes, I have! I’ve already written about Omar Rudberg and Young Royals. It includes the soundtrack from the first two seasons. Stay tuned for more!

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6. Sam Smith: I’m Not Here To Make Friends

Sam Smith is back with a new video. It’s a party! But the British singer has received criticism for his body. That’s idiotic. We need top-notch artists who are more than thin. After all, the world of music is dominated by thin singers.

Sam Smith offers something we need to see. In his latest video, it seems that he is inspired by the movie Romeo+Juliet from 1995. It was directed by Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann.

But Smith was born in 1992, so he was four years old when the movie was released. Hm… Maybe he went back to his childhood to find inspiration for his new project. Compare the photos and videos below. What do you think?

Let the battle begin! Sam Smith: “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” (2023)…

… and the video:

… versus Romeo+Juliet: “Young Hearts Run Free” (1996)…

…and the video:

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