NEW MUSIC: Janos – “Such a Sigh”

Get ready to dance!

By Michael Hartmann. September 29, 2023.

Scandinavian-based band JANOS is a colorful, genre-bending group made up of Janos Andersson, Aksel Krystad, Håvard Haugland, and Kristoffer Sakseide.

Pulling elements from an amalgamation of contrasting genres, the band fuses a nostalgic, melancholic vibe with energetic grooves, resulting in feel-good dance tunes.

The new song? Such a Sigh. Enjoy!

Moving to London in 2015, Swedish vocalist and songwriter Andersson set out as a solo artist, gaining experience and exposure playing regular gigs around the city, however, relocated to Oslo in 2018.

Amping up his musical pursuit, he connected with songwriter and guitarist Haugland and bassist Sakseide over social media, then fellow songwriter, keyboard player, and producer, Krystad through playing shows.

It was when the pandemic struck, that momentum ramped up with Andersson and Krystad penning songs and recording demos, eventually leading to the musicians forming a band under the name JANOS.

Swimming pool? Chocolate Cake? No problem! This is JUICEBOX (2022):

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