Taking out Rudolph will hurt people, but a1 and Subwoolfer comes to the rescue

Trigger warning: Rudolph is in great danger. 

By Michael Hartmann. November 10, 2023.

You know Christmas is approaching when… well, Christmas songs are popping up on every streaming platform. That’s great!

Pop band a1 has always delivered Christmas songs of great quality, from This Is Christmas by Ben Adams and Morisette and Christian Ingebrigtsen’s timeless ballad Angels In The Snow.

This year, a1 has teamed up with Subwoolfer. The result is a funny and entertaining song, I Think I Killed Rudolph. Whenever Subwoolfer is involved, fun things happen:

Christian has been touring Norway during November and December for many years, giving his audience the Christmas spirit they long for. His new song, however, is about a more serious topic. It’s called Hurt People. Once again, Christian displays his talent for songwriting:

More Christmas songs by a1:

Ben Adams and Morissette, This Is Christmas (2019):

Christian Ingebrigtsen, Angels In The Snow (2006):

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