A Message From Ben Adams

Ben Adams dropped a new video. Is he trying to tell us something?

By Michael Hartmann. October 9, 2017. Updated March 2, 2019.

Photo via Facebook/BenAdamsOfficial.

When Ben Adams sings, you better listen. I’m referring to his video, O M G. In this video, the English singer is glued to the camera lens, insisting that we pay attention. Is it bad? Not at all. It’s the reason I like the video.

Ben Adams is a hard working figure in the UK music biz. His professional journey started in 1999. Then, the unprecedented success of pop group a1, catapulted him into global stardom.

The new video O M G isn’t an extraordinary piece of video making. It’s pretty basic, and that’s perfectly fine. Here’s a snippet:

In this video, Ben is close to the camera lens. For a moment, I was preparing myself for the unthinkable, that Ben would jump out of my computer screen and land on my desk. If he did, I wondered, should I offer him a beer?

Also in the video is professional dancer Sia Dauda. Her role adds value to Adams’ manly appearance. Together, they turn this video into a message; Ben Adams is here to stay.

O M G is a no-nonsense video without unnecessary storytelling. Watching Ben Adams perform, I think he’s sending a message to the music biz. About what, you ask? That after all these years, he’s still a man not possible to ignore.

Don’t you believe me? You will. Take a look at him now.

Connect with Ben on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. His Official Web Site. Connect with Sia Dauda on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Main photo by Cecilie Harris.

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