Album Review: Mark Read – “Once Upon a December”.

Enjoy this collection of beautiful songs.

By Michael Hartmann. December 22, 2017. Updated March 3, 2019.

This Christmas, singer Mark Read has released an Ep called Once Upon a December. It’s not the kind of music that will make you dance. No, it’s a collection of seven beautiful songs that will calm you down and warm your heart.

Mark Read has a respectful approach to his music.  That’s a sign of quality. It proves that he’s much more than a pop singer. It’s refreshing to experience this particular side of Mark Read.

Is there more music in store? I hope so. After all, we love listening to the songs of a true, British gentleman. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your talent so generously with us all.

My personal favorite:  A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

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