Maggie Lindemann: Not Just A Pretty Girl

Change is the only constant, and Maggi Lindemann proves it.

By Michael Hartmann. May, 5, 2024.

Meet 25 year old singer Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann.

After releasing Pretty Girl, a catchy pop song, in 2016, she has established herself as a rock artist.

But first:

-I’m not just a pretty girl

-I’m more than just å picture

-I’m a daughter and a sister

Lindemann was born in Dallas, Texas to a German-Scottish family. She was discovered after posting songs on social media, and today she lives in Los Angeles.

After leaving pop music, she is known for her powerful rock songs, often with a hint of heavy metal. Who said you couldn’t change direction?

“That’s what rock music is, I think – constantly searching for authenticity, and being as honest as possible.” -Jonathan Jackson.

Her most recent album is called HEADSPLIT. It was released in March this year. Lindemann gives us a collection of melodic rock songs and powerful ballads.

Here are two videos showcasing Maggie’s talent.


Here is the new allbum:

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