Lucas James: Alternative insecurity

Darkness, don’t tell me it’s over.

By Michael Hartmann.
October 9, 2018.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]eet Lucas James, a 21 years old singer who calls himself a dark-pop artist. His main influences are Kurt Cobain, The Weeknd and Lorde. He is building up a cool Rnb/Dance/Alternative sound. -I am an artist in the making. (Words taken from his Spotify channel).

Lucas dropped a song called Sleeping Beauty.

-It is about destroying a relationship for the ambition, he writes in an e-mail. 

The darkness comes into play:

He has also dropped a song together with Deepersonal, a producer from Essex. It is called Don’t tell me (It’s over).

-It is inspired from the 1975’s song Somebody ElseI’m very insecure when it comes to love and this song is the expression of that insecurity. Deepersonal was the first to believe in this song and we shaped it together. Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations with him.

Lucas describes himself as a LGBTQ activist. Why is this important, I asked him.

-I am human and I want to see humans happy. I want them to celebrate love no matter what. I stand with them because i see no difference in all the labels. I’m queer and free to be my true self. 

-More music coming up?

-Absolutely. I’m really ambitious with my music and I take it seriously. This is only the beginning!

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