Legendary singer, Tina Turner, dies at 83

“The queen of rock ‘n’ roll” has passed away.

By Michael Hartmann. May 26, 2023

THE QUEEN: Tina Turner will forever be considered one of the biggest names in rock history.

Tina Turner, (born Anna Mae Bullock), passed away at her Swiss home earlier this week.

In my teens, growing up on the west coast of Norway, I listened mostly to pop music. Whitney Houston was my greatest love of all.

However, rock music gradually entered my world. First, Bruce Springsteen, then Tina Turner.

Her songs, lyrics, and appearance added drama to her energy and explosive live performances.

I was never able to see her perform live. However, watching her concerts on TV was fascinating. My friends and I had never seen anyone like Tina before.

BREAK EVERY RULE: The cover of Tina Turner’s sixth solo album, released in 1986.

We sang along to Privat Dancer and What’s Love Got To Do With It. We handled her LPs with excitement and joy. Our love for “The Queen Of Rock ‘n’ Roll” grew over time. It wasn’t the case for our parents. According to them, she was loud and wild. Even so, there was nothing more provocative than her hair.

Tina Turner was a vital part of the 80s and 90s culture. Leaving aside my other rock idol, Bruce Springsteen, she was – as they say – simply the best.

Here are my three favorite songs. Which Tina Turner song is your favorite?



TINA TURNER (1939-2023).

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