Janet Jackson takes shoulder pads to a new level in her latest video, “Make Me”

25 years after releasing “The Velvet Rope”, Janet Jackson is striving for more success.

By Michael Hartmann. October 14, 2022.

She’s back! 56 years old and better than ever!

Twenty-five years have passed since Janet Jackson released her sixth studio album, The Velvet Rope. That’s great news for the millions of fans who adore divas and R&B.

Her new video was released earlier this month. It’s called Make Me.

It’s pretty good, I think. But what about the shoulder pads? There is no doubt that Janet is reaching for the stars, but is she doing so in a spaceship?

Make Me, spaceship version:

Here’s the song:

The Velvet Rope, Janet’s album from 1997. (Jeez, that’s a long time ago…)

Want more? I feel you.

Even more:

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