Iceland Adventure: Daniel Verstappen’s Video i Amazing

“Ice on Fire” brings you beautiful music and a stunning view of  Iceland. 

By Michael Hartmann. March 8, 2024.

In February, Belgian pianist and composer Daniel Verstappen presented his new music video Ice on Fire.

In the intro of the clip, Daniel wakes up in his stylish room at the beautiful Geysir hotel (wearing his personalized Versace bathrobe). He is unable to sleep because of the music continuously playing in his head.

There is an eager departure from classical piano images because Daniel plays piano on natural elements such as glaciers. Volcanic eruptions provide the necessary threat to the endless visual beauty.

For those paying attention, note that there is much more to discover in the clip, with the necessary symbolic references. Daniel’s red Moon Boots refer to the moon landing test, organized in Iceland about 50 years ago. Daniel always raises the bar in a unique setting and stands for the overall picture, which must always be right.

Daniel’s ode to this fire and ice landscape, where the impact on climate is even more tangible, is hereby dedicated to all families who lost their houses in the lava flow.

Some of the filming also took place in Grindavik, a fishing town in the southwest, where volcanic eruptions currently occur. Even during the recordings, we felt shocks”, Daniel says.

Daniel and Marina Barskaya have known each other for more than 10 years.  They started to play together during Daniel’s orchestra time at the Brussels Philharmonic. 

Daniel: -From the first moment we played together we felt a strong musical connection.

She is an important part of the video:

Hello, Iceland! Here it is:

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Daniel Verstappen and Marina Barskaya were featured in our first online cover story, published in October, 2023.

With projects like this, we combine storytelling with photos and videos that are carefully selected, some are being used exclusively for that particular story.

By exploring the artist’s background, ambitions and creative journey, we hope to bring the reader as close as possible to the persons we write about.

After it’s publication, the story became an instant hit among our readers.

If you missed it, here it is:

Audiences in London and Reykjavik are awaiting Daniel Verstappen and Marina Barskaya. Through their music, cultures will meet.

Here is the tour schedule for Daniel’s upcoming concerts:


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