Hey, Rita! Remember Debbie Allen?

In her new video, Rita Ora quotes Debbie Allen from the TV show “Fame”. Well, fame costs. 

By Michael Hartmann. May 20, 2023.

Hey, Rita! Debbie Allen is calling from the 80s!

Got big dreams?

Do you want fame?

Fame costs.

And right here is where you start paying.

With sweat!

These are the words of actress Debbie Allen. She played Lydia Grant, a dancing teacher in Fame. This was a TV show from the 1980s, featuring students from the New York City High School for the Performing Arts.

The iconic intro is available on Youtube. It shows the students dancing, singing, and playing, accompanied by Irene Cara singing the catchy theme song. Viewers who remember the show know that Allen talked to the students in the intro, letting them know that fame doesn’t come easy:

Here’s the intro. (Allen’s famous words start at the 0.37 mark):

Four decades later, English pop singer Rita Ora repeats the words in her music video, Praising You.

Here it is:

Want questions?

Questions don’t cost anything.

Rita or Debbie?

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