Heartstopper Season One: -He’s not a crush!

We are about to watch season two of Heartstopper. Here are romantic moments from season one. 

By Michael Hartmann. Photos: Official Trailer and Teaser. August 4, 2023.

ROMANCE IN THE RAIN? Nick needs time. Charlie needs love. A bigger umbrella would be helpful to both of them.

Kit Connor and Joe Locke are queer television’s new heroes. Their characters’ love story in NETFLIX’s Heartstopper has gained them fans in the UK and beyond.

The series primarily tells the story of Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), a gay schoolboy who falls in love with classmate Nick Nelson (Kit Connor).

Following a sensational start, their story continues with eight new episodes, all released on NETFLIX yesterday. More about that next week. Today; season one.

Trailer: – He’s the straightest person I’ve ever seen. -Thank you!

Whether you’re straight, gay, or somewhere in between, everyone can relate to the emotional roller coaster that comes with growing up.

Teaser: -Sometimes people are straight.

Heartstopper resembles Young Royals, another NETFLIX show. As “Charlie” did, Omar Rudberg’s “Simon” tries to get his love interest out of the closet. That story is amazing.

Still, Locke provides us with an even more complex character, given Charlie’s openness about his sexuality. Still, he’s not sure if Nick loves him back. With his friends around, he even declares that Nick is not a crush. Joe Locke does a fantastic job portraying both the strengths and weaknesses of his character.

IN THE CORNER: Charlie struggles with his life at school and his love for Nick.

What are your favorite scenes from season one?

One of my favorite scenes is when Nick and Charlie run up the stairs in Harry’s house and start kissing in an empty room. Is there anyone who hasn’t been to a boring party? Kissing would be the perfect solution!

As Nick gives Charlie a picture of them together as a birthday present, I start smiling. It would be amazing to receive a gift like that!

NO TURNING BACK: Charlie’s life changes when he falls in love.

Who doesn’t dream about a person so in love with you that he runs through the rain to knock on your door?

IT’S RAINING MEN. Can I sit on your bed?

My all-time favorite scene, however, is in the last episode. Nick is convinced that he and Charlie are officially a couple after escaping to the beach. Charlie, however, isn’t sure. Therefore, he asks Nick if they are boyfriends. There’s nothing sweeter than this!

Be sure to check back next week for updates on Nick and Charlie!

Just in case you needed a reminder…

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The cast rewatches scenes from season one:

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