Hanne Leland shares her new single “Weak For You”.

-I wanted to capture the rush at the very beginning of a relationship.

BY Michael Hartmann. 
June 7, 2019

Foto: Roar Skutbergsveen.

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust in time for summer, Norwegian pop songstress and songwriter Hanne Leland releases her new single Weak For You, a lush, warm and organic pop track written about the kind of love that gives you butterflies and makes you weak at the knees. 

 She notes: 

-I wanted to capture the rush at the very beginning of a relationship. That feeling when you realise you’re falling for this person and you feel so unsure and vulnerable, but also ecstatic and brave at same time. I’ve been there myself a few times, and I’m trying to explain through a song how I experience it. 

As one of the most promising artists coming out of Scandinavia these days, Hanne Leland has a busy year ahead of her with an EP release this summer, and a string of singles to be released throughout the year.

Foto: Roar Skutbergsveen.

2018 saw the release of autobiographical songs like Underdogs, and the heart-wrenching synth ballad Stay that went on to become a bit of an underground hit, racking up 1,5 million views on YouTube and counting. 


Hanne regularly finds herself in studios across the UK, Sweden and LA. 

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Foto: Roar Skutbergsveen.

2019 will see the release of a lot more music from Hanne, and it’s safe to say she is one of the hardest working artists in the game, steadily climbing her way towards the top.

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