Hanne Leland releases groovy, new single

It’s Carry On for electronica singer Hanne Leland. It sounds good. 

By Michael Hartmann.
February 23, 2018.

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]orwegian born singer Hanne Leland drops a new single today. It’s called Carry OnIt’s a powerful electro-pop song with a really groovy bass and organic drums.

Carry On is a song I wrote in a session in LA with some really awesome people, and I’m so excited to release it. 

Hanne Leland is a singer and songwriter in the electro-pop genre.  She started writing country-pop music in Nashville, and released her debut album Honest in 2014. She crossed over to electro-pop the following year, and have released several singles since then.

This is Hungover You (Moxors Remix).

In a previous interview with Coverstory, she said:

-I make music in the electro pop genre, but I’m using more organic instruments than you normally hear in the electronic pop world. I like having that element to my music, because I love real instruments.

-My songs are all very “me”, and I always write from my own experiences. I wouldn’t know how to write a song about something I can’t relate to.

Have you seen Hannes video Queen? It’s catchy, funny and entertaining.
In a previous interview with Coverstory,  Hanne said she is excited about 2018: -I’m releasing so much new music this year.  I will also be touring abroad and making some creative videos to my songs. I’ll also be working from LA for a while later this year, in sessions with some of my all time favourite producers. It’s gonna be a busy year, and I’m really excited about it!

Connect with Hanne on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SpotifyOfficial Web Site. Also in this story: Photographer Maddie Córdoba: Instagram. Official Web Site.