Frederik Leopold and the YouTube mystery

There’s a video on YouTube. Did you steal 50 percent of it? Give it back.

By Michael Hartmann.
November 14, 2017.

Surprises. Popular culture is full of them. But some surprises are bad news, especially when 50 percent of your song is missing from YouTube. Five days ago, Danish singer Frederik Leopold released a song called I’ll Cover You. Logging on to YouTube, I was ready to take a listen.

After listening for a minute and a half, the song suddenly stopped. I tried to figure out why. Had someone taken over my MAC? My internet connection? My mind?

I looked at the comments below. The first one? Cut’s off at 1:30?

Unfortunately, yes. Readers, if you want Frederiks new song, you have two choices:

1: YouTube, where 50 percent of the song is missing:


2: Spotify, where 100 percent of the song is available:

Copenhagen, can you hear me?


Frederik Leopold is a young, Danish singer. In addition to Warner Music Denmark, he’s working with GL Music, a Scandinavian publishing, label and production company. If Frederik comes to Oslo, I’m here to support him. Copenhagen, can you hear me?



Ending a YouTube video after a minute and a half… What is that? A new marketing strategy? An old marketing strategy? Is it a marketing strategy at all? I don’t have the answer.

If I’m missing the point, please send me a DM with an explanation so I can understand. You see, I want Frederik Leopold to succeed. Don’t we all?



Moving on. Here’s Frederik performing at Warner Live Session two months ago. The song is called 7 Days. He’s entertaining, professional and performs excellent. More videos like this, please:



Finally: Let Frederik sing his songs all the way through – on all social media channels. I believe in him. With support, guidance and a well-crafted media strategy, this charming singer may become a full-blown, Danish star.


Connect with Frederik on Instagram, facebook, YouTube and Spotify. Also in this story, GL Music and Warner Music Denmark.

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