Forever on the A List – Updated with video interviews

Pop group a1 turns every venue into a party with their collection of classic songs.

By Michael Hartmann. Photos by Christian Lunde.
October 4, 2019. Updated December 10 2021 and April 22, 2022.

AMAZING ENERGY: Pop group a1. (Photo by Christian Lunde).

The Brit Award winning pop group a1 was formed in 1998. Not long ago, the forth member, Paul Marazzi, rejoined the band. The four of them are back together just as I remember them when songs like Everytime, Like a rose and Caught in the middle made the world sing along.

If you missed their concerts when a1 was new in the world of pop, don’t worry. Ben, Mark, Christian and Paul delivers the same level of energy as before. These amazing guys never seems to age.


Backstage interviews!

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a1’s members several times.

The following are some of our conversations.

Talking with Ben Adams:

Full story here: Ben Adams – A man of many talents.


Talking with Mark Read:

Mark Read about his new version of Same Old Brand New You:

Whenever I meet Mark Read, I have a great time. Discussing music with him is always a pleasure.

Michael Hartmann with Mark Read.

Full story here: Mark Read talks about the new version of Same Old Brand New You.


Talking with Christian Ingebrigtsen:

Christian shares the secret behind his song Wonder of the World:

Full story here: WATCH: Christian Ingebrigtsen shares the secret behind “Wonder of the World”.


Enjoy these photos taken by Norwegian photographer Christian Lunde.

Watch: a1-Christian talks new album (July 2020):

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