UPDATED: Eurovision Song Contest: Can Loreen from Sweden stop the queen of kings? She can, and she did!

Last night, Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest. Welcome to my updated story!

By Michael Hartmann. May 12, 2023. Last updated on May 14, 2023.

First: Alessandra Mele is a Norwegian-Italian artist and songwriter. The 20-year-old has lived most of her life in Italy, but after finishing secondary school she decided to move to Norway.

The song Queen of Kings is about daring and being yourself and coming out stronger from difficult periods in life. Alessandra has said that her experiences as a bisexual woman influenced the song’s creation.

Alessandra Mele. (Photo: Julie Marie Nagelstad).

From the lyrics:

She, queen of the kingsRunnin’ so fast, beatin’ the windNothin’ in this world can stop the spread of her wings

According to Eurovision Song Contest on YouTube, this video of Alessandra performing her song has been viewed over 6 million times. Wow!

According to Spotify, her song has been streamed over 44 million times. Is that possible? If that’s true, she may win the whole show.

Here’s the Italian version:

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Audiences primarily watch the Eurovision Song Contest on television in all the participating countries, as well as in many countries via your local broadcaster’s website and on-demand services.

Here is the complete list of broadcasters: Eurovision tv: How can I watch?

And here is the complete list of the countries in this year’s final:

(Photo via Instagram/eurovision).

Update, Saturday, May 13:

Meet Loreen from Sweden. Can she take the victory away from Alessandra?  39-year-old singer Loreen is well known in the ESC community because she won in 2012 with her song Euphoria. Here’s a look back:

Who will win tomorrow? Here’s my opinion before the show starts:

Update, Sunday, May 14:

Yesterday, Sweden won the contest! This is Loreen’s performance:

My predictions were pretty accurate! And Alessandra from Norway? Number 5. Well done! Still, Loreen is the first woman to have won two international finals. Congratulation, Sweden!

Visit Loreen on Instagram.

Eurovision Song Contest:



Want more? No problem! All you need is eurovision.tv

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