Eric Saade: Three amazing live performances

Here are three live videos from the Swedish pop star.

Text and photo by Michael Hartmann. December 1, 2023.

Eric Saade. Photo credit: Michael Hartmann /

Eric Saade is one of Sweden’s most popular musicians. His solo career began in 2009 after he left the pop group What’s Up.

I met him for an interview in Oslo several years ago, and he spoke about his music and inspiration.

Following the interview, I photographed Eric in the restaurant where he greeted journalists and bloggers. It was dark, so I didn’t expect to get any decent pictures. However, I gave them a green vibe. You can see one of them in this story.

Eric is talented and hard-working. I love the fact that he never apologizes for his success.

Be proud of your successes, friends!

Here are 3 live performances, starting in 2010. Enjoy!

It’s Gonna Rain (Official live Video 2010):


Manboy (Live Melodifestivalen 2010):


Popular (Live Melodifestivalen 2011 final):


Bonus! Eric behind the scenes (Swedish):

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