Dream Nails: Taking feminist punk to new heights

Your mind will be blown by these London witches.

By Michael Hartmann. July 28, 2023.

(Photo via Facebook/Dream Nails).

Are you against women’s rights? Do you feel homophobic or transphobic? If that is the case, you don’t want to run into the members of Dream Nails.

They call themselves punk witches. With lyrics that aim to change society, they deliver explosive rock songs. The band’s agenda is rooted in the underground feminist punk movement and DIY culture.

Their new song is called Femme Boi. It adds to the band’s long line of energetic songs.

In 2017, I attended a Dream Nails concert in Oslo. I was treated to a concert unlike any other. Astonishing experience.

From their Facebook page (2017):

We sing for everyone, we perform for everyone, but we WRITE for all women (cis, trans) and nonbinary people who are fighting every day under patriarchy – i.e. a world that is controlled by, caters to and centres the male experience.

And more…

We regularly have teenage girls and young women thank us after our shows for creating a space where they feel like they can just dance and have fun together and we will fight to maintain that for as long as we’re performing.

If you don’t know them already, let these punk witches blow you away with their ferocious energy, agenda-setting views, and queer and feminist influence that will exceed your expectations. Girls to the front!


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Michael Hartmann is a Norwegian music blogger based in Oslo. Connect on Instagram.