Don’t miss this duet by Ben and Joanne

Their amazing chemistry is here and now.

By Michael Hartmann.
November 17, 2017.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]arlier today, a song taken from the smash hit musical Flashdance was released. As I went into my office in Oslo checking my Instagram and Twitter-account, I quickly discovered the level of excitement about the song Here and Now.

Ben Adams? He was all over social media looking happy and excited. Why shouldn’t he be? His duet with Joanne Clifton is filled with enthusiasm.

The energy, the smiles, the way they perform, well, imagine having been in the studio when they recorded the song. Well, the song is no longer in the studio. With all the excitement going on in social media right now, it seems to have started a glorious life of it’s own.

Check out the video below. Ben and Joannes amazing chemistry will make you sing here and now.



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