Music Video Review: Dancing with the devil

Anton explores the dark sides of human sexuality.

By Michael Hartmann.
April 23, 2017.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xplicit, sexual content is nothing new in popular culture, especially not in music videos. As consumers, we are used to extremes. Not even violence seems to bother us as long as the music is good.

And now, like many before him, Swedish singer Anton fuels his creative engine with BDSM and violence. Nothing new, really. But in Devil, old taboos seem new again. Why? Because Anton flirts with the devil of frightening fun. Devil is a scary movie gone bad or better, depending on your personal preferences.

Don’t watch at work:

Anton dances in a dark corridor. He then gets exposed to an array of BDSM,- and sexual acts. It´s a feast of lust, and every fetish is welcome.

He is a horrified bystander, apparently not by choice. Finally, Anton becomes a submissive slave, kicking and screaming, with blood dripping from his tortured body. Are you still with me?

…destiny is not destroyed

In this age of short attention span, music videos must go viral upon release. If not, they will perish. Where, you ask? In the seen-it-before-category. For any music video, that is a sad place to die.

But Devils destiny is not destroyed.

Here´s why: The costumes are gorgeous, and the set design is impressive. It is hard to imagine the amount of work poured in to this production. Every detail seems to come from hard work. The result is enough to capture our attention.

…it’s  a violent glory

Even the bloodstained characters who seem to be everywhere, works well, if for no other reason than the video only lasts a few minutes. They would be to much for a movie, but in Devil, they serve their mission well.

The choreography and dancing are great, as expected from a talented dancer and a dedicated crew. And the song?  It´s sexy as hell.

It´s a violent glory, but Devil is a winner.

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