A conversation with Brad Urba

He doesn’t have any limits when it comes to pop, rock and rap.

By Michael Hartmann.
August 19, 2018.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]eet California based musician Brad Urba. He doesn’t limit himself to one specific genre. He released new music earlier this month, and his collection of songs on Spotify proves his ability to master several genres.

From his web site:

A cross-genre artist, Brad Urba breaks the mold as a typical storyteller and continuously pushes the limits of creativity outside of the conventional. Dedicated to the discovery of self-expression, vulnerability, and reflection, Brad aspires to provide a positive influence and spark inspiration in those who listen to his music.

I asked him about songwriting, heartbreak and instagram. This is what he answered.

Michael: -I have been listening to your songs. I love Riding The Rails. It has a country/rock vibe. What inspired you to make this song?

Brad: -The inspiration for this song was life and time. Wanting something other than what I’m working towards, feeling like life is out of my control. Time is fleeting so we should spend every moment of it in pursuit of what we are passionate about. Distractions are everywhere, stay on track.



Michael:The Way Down is another great song. How was the process of creating it? Did yo meet any challenges? If so, how did you deal with them?

Brad: -This was actually one of the first songs I wrote when I switched gears from writing Rap/Hip-Hop to writing songs where I sing. I listen and vibe with the song and just start singing off the top of my head and take it from there.  I work with Chris Hayman, of Sonic Gods, with most of my music. Every time we get together the final result turns out better than the vision I had in my head.  Things always turn out better when I’m working with Chris.  Everything went smoothly.



Michael:  -You seem to be equally good at pop, rock, country and hip hop. Did you at some point decide that you wanted to explore different genres, instead of belonging to just one?

Brad: -I limited myself for years, confining myself to the world of Rap/Hip-Hop for far too long.  I saw myself as a lyricist, a poet, a rapper and never thought about venturing into different genres until about 2017. 

…we’re all over the map and I love it.

Brad continues: -I was actually re-making an old rap song with Chris and we decided to make the music more organic. Acoustic Guitars, Live Drums, Real Bass… everything played live. I took it home to record my vocals and the old song didn’t fit with the new vibe of the track. Since my wife had me listening to a lot of country music, I decided the song had a bit of country feel to it and wrote Cheers To More Love.  Once we finished that I figured I would try my hand at another country song and it morphed into doing a little bit of rock. Then Chris and I thought we’d venture it pop and now we’re all over the map and I love it. I feel free.



Michael: -I’m sure you get a lot of enthusiastic feedback from your fans. Is there a particular moment when you received a compliment for your music that really made you happy and motivated? 

Brad: -I get tons of amazing feedback.  Everyday I read something from someone that listens to my music for the first time and it hits me right in the feels. Goosebumps all the time.   

…I knew I was writing myself into a corner…



Brad, continues: -In 2009 I went through a pretty difficult year.  Among some of the difficult times, I got divorced and one of my best friends committed suicide.  I wrote and recorded my album Love Story in hopes that anyone going through a difficult break-up could relate to it and understand that people go through heartache and heartbreak and can come out stronger, with a better sense of themselves. Things will be ok.  When I wrote the album, I knew I was writing myself into a corner and this wouldn’t necessarily be an album that everyone wanted to listen to all the time, it being about a broken marriage and all… But I said to myself, if I can impact just one person, and maybe keep them from doing what my buddy did, it would be a success no matter if I didn’t sell any copies of the album. 


it helped him get through that hard time in his life. 

Brad continues: –I went home to visit family and I ran into an old friend at a random bar and he pulled me out to his car to show me that my album Love Story was in his cd player.  He played it for me and he knew the words better than I did, singing along and telling me how he went through a difficult break up, contemplated suicide, and listened to my album on repeat non stop for the last month and he told me it kept him from hurting himself and it helped him get through that hard time in his life.  That was the ultimate. It felt like the purpose of the entire album was validated that day and I consider it a great success. That was the biggest and best compliment I’ve ever received from my music.



Michael: -Your Instagram is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Do you get a lot of compliments for how good it looks?

…I’m happy with the look and feel…

Brad: -Thanks.  I wanted it to stand out in a creative way.  We, as people, tend to make quick snap judgements on whether or not something is worth our time and I wanted my instagram feed to make someone take a second glance and think it’s worth a look through.  It’s hard to constantly ask people to take time out of their day so I’m hoping that I can at least snag a moment of attention long enough for them to see that I do music. I’ve gotten some compliments on my feed, yes.  I think there are a lot of Instagram feeds out there that are much more creative but I’m happy with the look and feel of mine. I like the middle part where I get to share lyrics to my songs.



Michael: -Are you working on new material?

It’s going to be a good rest of the year…

Brad: -I’m always working on new material. When I’m not traveling I am in my studio writing about 3-5 songs a week.  I have a ton of songs on the back burner that I am working out the release strategies for and even more that are waiting in the wing to be finished.  My goal is to release a song a month and then hopefully ramp up the production in order to release 2 songs a month. I’m super excited about my next releases. I’ve got a really cool Hip-Hop/EDM song, another Rock/Country track ready and a couple Indie/Pop songs that are scheduled too!  It’s going to be a good rest of the year of music releases for me! So stay tuned!  


Connect with Brad Urba on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Spotify.